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i think about the boy who excitedly shouted “kuriyama-san! kuriyama-san!” when he saw me a lot and i hope he is doing well. got bless him i hope he gets to touch ten whole kittens every day

Yeah. Me, too. I loved you. That means it’s all in the past. I’m different. You’re different. We can’t go back to it.

why a person’s voice do things to me?WHY

makoharu game STRONG (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

sometimes i feel like i’m the only one that remembers and values things even if it happened long ago and was kind of silly, as if the past ten and some more years of my life never existed outside of my own mind

but maybe it’s not fair to think like that since maybe, people just don’t bring things up and that’s okay because i did my part and existed. i was there. the rest is beyond my control

Honey - Re:_Hamatora Episode 4

"I can’t say how, exactly, but he’s not his usual self."




Wow…these two have crazy brother complexes.

for Aria~


"It's been a while, Sousuke!"
"Yeah. Five years, isn't it?"