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Why did I strive to be strong? Why did I have to shed blood? Why did I throw away my humanity? Why did I have to throw away my weakness? Wasn’t it to protect the existence of someone important?

the four stages of falling in love

makoto being ridiculously precious


The gorgeous boys of Free! Eternal Summer
Official Art from Character CDs




Captain swin swin! Font style {insptextures and patterns used in this
graphic. |1 | 2 | / Artist \

ch. 73 + mazume and swimsuits


Get to know Victoria: Favourite anime characters 15/? + OTPs 3/?
Hiyori Iki and Yato - Noragami


I bought a marimo moss ball!
I’m calling him Jempsen. I dunno why I think it’s a boy.


You're always sniffing my neck, what's up with that?

I still want things to work out between us if they can.I mean, changing shampoo just so he will like it.That was petty of me to do without telling Yuuri how I feel.